PCOS diet plan


Once I was finally diagnosed with PCOS I was given a lot of information about how to control it naturally by my doctor. The receptionist at the doctor’s office told me all about the low glycemic index (low GI) diet and how it helps regulate blood sugar levels. With PCOS and insulin resistance, when you eat foods with a low GI then you prevent blood sugar spikes which can cause you to want to eat more sugar and empty carbohydrates. I like to call it the “no white food diet”, no bleached flour, sugar or potatoes. But there are several other no-no foods such as watermelon and peanut butter, which have very high glycemic loads. I started out by making a few very small changes like choosing unbleached, whole wheat, whole grain breads and pastas. I changed my meat eating habits also, I use a lot more lean meats like chicken and turkey. I also use a lot more low-fat mozzarella cheese instead of the more fatty cheeses! Getting off sugar is hard and I still refuse to give up drinking Coca-colas. But after I began this diet I realized I was stuck in this vicious cycle of eating high GI foods which caused me to crave more high GI foods over and over again. I was tired all the time, gaining weight pretty rapidly and overall just stressed and crummy. I felt like it changed my life almost instantly. I have read that it can actually reverse the effects of PCOS. This may not be the right diet for everyone, but it is recommended for those with PCOS and Diabetes. Most of the recipes are pretty delicious! Keep checking back for low GI recipes! Happy cooking!

Here are some helpful websites on the low glycemic diet:






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