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I went to the doctor this morning for my ultrasound to check on activity in my ovaries and where we need to go from here. I had two follicles that were 9mm on my right ovary and one follicle on my left ovary that measured to be 8 1/2mm. It seemed like Dr. Bundren liked this, mostly because this didn’t happen the last time I took Follistim. This is much better. He wants to see the follicles get to 18mm, I guess that’s the size they need to get to be fertilized and eventually become a baby. I had to wait all day to get the call from the nurse to hear my blood test results and to get our next step. She called about 6pm and told me to do 100 IUs of Follistim for the next 5 days and come in Saturday morning to get another ultrasound. I had to ask about my blood test, which is a good thing because she would’ve told me up front if something was wrong with them. But she said my estrogen levels were low but that it was normal at this stage in my cycle.  I am just trying to relish this good news and this success. No, it isn’t a baby yet but my body is working better than it ever has before. I had to be sure to order our other Follistim cartridge so we could get it by tomorrow. Now we wait, again and do the shots every night at 11pm. I am starting to get pretty bruised up on my upper thighs but it’s a small price to pay for a miniature Josh/Kacy. This will work. This. Will. Work. Que funcionia. Il fonctionnera. Maybe if I say it in every language it will be true.

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My goal this past week has been to relax and be as healthy as possible. I pretty much had to whole week of Christmas off and was very happy to go back to work that Monday. Work is a wonderful distraction from my personal life and the hours and days just fly by. We had a stress-free New Year’s Eve, Josh and I went out to dinner and then went to visit my parents and other friends until midnight. I drank sparkling grape juice, it wasn’t so bad considering it tastes a lot like my drink of choice, White Moscato. I must admit, it was really nice to wake up New Year’s Day without a hangover. We slept in, lazed around in our “jam jams” and took down Christmas decorations. I am not making any New Year’s Resolutions this year, I am already doing everything that I would have resolved to do. I have been drinking anywhere from 30-60 ounces of water a day. This is a huge feat considering I hate drinking water, but it was the doctor’s order. The Follistim has been dehydrating me and it leaves my mouth very dry, so it makes the water chugging more bearable. I have been conscientious in exercising at least 30 minutes daily, I walk my dogs everyday (except for yesterday and today with the wind chills being below 0), I do strength training every other day (mostly)  and I go to dance Monday and Tuesday nights (my favorite form of exercise). The only thing I haven’t been good about is eating because I have been having some bad side effects. I haven’t been hungry for breakfast or lunch, I just feel sick to my stomach most of the time and I have headaches periodically. Hopefully my body adjusts and the pain will subside. I have been recording all of my activity in a journal, I am writing down which leg I had the shot in (because it’s easy to forget and you have to alternate every day), I write down how much water I drank, my exercise for the day, my mood for the day and what I ate. I find it’s easier to hold myself accountable this way. But back to the relaxing part, I had my very first facial Saturday afternoon and goodness gracious it was marvelous. I will definitely be doing that again! And I am looking forward to my massage this weekend. Thank you Saint Joshua. 😉 So until Saturday…Don’t worry about whether or not it’s going to rain tomorrow, just enjoy the sunshine today.

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15 thoughts on “Seize the Day

  1. Thanks! It has taken a long time to get all the lifestyle changes in order. I’ve been working on it ever since we started this journey. I have been doing some of them for so long that they have become healthy habits but there are others I’m not used to yet.

  2. Hi I have just stumbled across your blog from another blog I read. I use the same doctor as you and it sounds like we are roughly in the same time frame. I had my laparoscopy in January of last year followed by 6 months of Lupron and 2 months of BCP. My cycles are usally really long and kind of all over the place so I have yet to have my biopsy. I was hoping to have it at the end of this month but I am still waiting to hear back from Mary Kathrine because Dr. B might be out of town at that time! I was wondering if your cycles usually stay with in the 28 day range? My concern is that because my cycle is usually 35-40 days that the biopsy will be too early at day 24. I have yet to be able to actually talk to the nurse about this. The only person I have been able to talk to is Esther. I am trying not to get frustrated. Thought it might be nice to touch base with someone who is in nearly the same place as I am. Hope this cycle is perfect for you and you can stop all this!! Fingers crossed for you!

    • I don’t know how long my cycles are because the only time I have one is when I am on BCP. I haven’t had a period on my own without meds since I was 16 or so and my cycles were erratic, so I started taking BCP. I think the point of the biopsy is to find out if you are ovulating when you are supposed to be. So if you didn’t ovulate by day 24 then he needs to do something else. But I could be wrong, I don’t know. Esther is the gate-keeper and I find she will ask the nurse only if I push a little more for information. I know when I’ve gotten on her nerves that she’ll ask a nurse for me 🙂 Thanks for reading my blog! Hopefully we can continue to share more war stories. And good luck with your journey! Our stories are very similar, it’s crazy! And if you get the biopsy, request some good drugs.

      • I have had to send my husband to Bundren’s office to get an answer before. Don’t feel bad about calling everyday if you’re needing answers. Esther may sound irritated, but she’ll forgive you. Praying for both of you, Kacy & Allison!

  3. Kacy, I’m on the first blog entry below, and I can already see how similar our situations seem to be. We have also been married for 3.5 years. 🙂 What is your anniversary? Ours is 3/27/10. Just curious how close together we got married.

    Also, just wanted to let you know that I replied to your comments on my blog. I hope you get a notice, so you can go check them out. I left you a blog entry to read about what we paid for our first cycle. I can get you the costs of the second cycle, too, if you’re interested. I just haven’t put them together to blog, yet, because I keep expecting a final bill from Dr. Bundren. Yippee for bills! 😉

    So glad you found me!!

    • Laura,
      Our anniversary is 5/22/2010. Thanks for replying about the cost. I just wanted to know what we could possibly be getting into if the Follistim doesn’t work. And WOW! That’s amazing that you were able to pay for that without taking out a loan, how fiscally responsible of you to save all that. I haven’t ever been able to get ahead of all of these fertility costs so saving has been difficult. I was hoping there was an option to buy a few cycles at a discounted rate, but it doesn’t look like Dr. Bundren has those options. He has excellent IVF success rates though and I would have a hard time going anywhere else and starting all over again.

      • Yes, it wasn’t easy to save for the cycles, but we had enough notice to be able to do it. Don’t worry about not being able to stay ahead of the costs. That all comes in time. We’re a little abnormal, but I’m a little OCD about finances. Pulling ourselves out of a lot of debt made me that way. 🙂 (Also, it is a bummer that Bundren doesn’t offer any packages.)

        Bundren definitely has great success rates! My therapist says he’s the best IVF doctor in Tulsa. I love him and the staff, despite the occasional waits for returned calls. You made a good choice with Bundren! I’m only moving on because I need to find hope, again, before round 3! Otherwise, he’d still be my man. 🙂

  4. Holy moly! We are starting to resemble each other more and more.

    Okay, I learned we were married about 2 months apart. Pretty cool!

    I L.O.V.E white moscato!! We call it Muskat when we’re trying to sound fancy.

    I love to dance! Where do you go? I used to take tap, jazz, and ballet, but my studio discontinued the class this year. 😦

    I keep an IVF journal, too. I can’t keep my legs straight, either. If only I didn’t have to shower daily, I could leave the band-aids on as a reminder. Ooooo, gross!! 😉

    Also, where are you getting your facial and massage? Ironically, Todd is buying me those for my birthday in February!

    Are you my doppleganger (in personality since we don’t really look alike)?!?!

    I’ve now read your entire blog! Now, I just have to get my Bloglovin app to add you. So loving learning about you! Praying for big follies!!

    • I take a Shake it Fit class at the YMCA on Mondays, it’s like Zumba with good music. I tell my husband it’s “booty-dancin”. I go to Elite Dance Tuesday nights, it’s called the adult class. We do a bit of everything, we work on leaps, turns and we do some jazz, a little hip-hop and some modern dance. We are just about to start preparing for our recital in May, which I am extremely excited about. We definitely need more people, there has only consistently been two of us.

      I got my facial and massage from Ethan Monroe Salon, it’s around 51st and Harvard. We got a good deal through a Groupon. They cancelled my massage for tomorrow though 😦 So I have to wait until next week.

      Yes, I am your doppleganger! 😉 But seriously, we have so much in common.

      I loved reading your blog too, that has been the best thing about starting my blog. Getting to hear other people’s stories is inspiring and motivating. All of the women I read about are so strong and spectacular. I am really glad I found you and Allison’s blogs. 🙂

      • Um, have you seen the two girls leaping on the Elite Dance homepage? That’s how what I look like. 😉 My flexibility is more like the baby on the homepage, now. However, I still LOVE dancing. I am going to think about this, though. It would be so fun!

        My favorite thing about my blog is when other people find me, and we can start a connection. I agree that it’s inspiring to read about other women’s journeys. We’re all on similar paths, but they are all still so different. The best thing is that we have each other to lean on through this.

        Looking forward to connecting more with you!

      • That sentence should have read, “That’s not what I look like.” I may be using my computer, but I’ll blame Syri for that one because it’s always her fault! 😉

  5. Laura, I am sooo not flexible anymore. It’s sad. I need to commit myself to stretch enough to be able to do the splits. Me and the other girl are both around the same age and hadn’t dance in 10+ years before we started this class last summer. So it’s not like we will be like the girl on the website either. 🙂

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