Fighter Follicle 20


Today I am happy. I had my ultrasound and as soon as he put that big huge probe thingy on my ovary I saw it: Bam! Huge follicle. I think I even got a gasp from Dr. B. My little fighter follicle is now 20mm. Yes, 20 mm! My endometrial lining was at an 8, only 1mm thicker than Saturday but he didn’t seem to be too worried about it. He said it may be as thick as it’s going to get. I had a couple of other follicles that were 12mm, 13mm and 16mm but we are focusing in on fighter follicle 20. The nurse gave me my HcG trigger shot (ouch!) and told us to…ahem…”have fun” these next 3 days and every other day after that. I read differing things online but overall I gathered that the trigger shot will get me to ovulate within 36 hours. She also told me that I need to come in January 27th for a pregnancy test (if I don’t start my cycle before then). Those words were music to my ears. I heard angels singing “Halellujah!” in the background.

So now we just do our part, pray and hope for the best. It’s going to be a difficult two weeks of wondering and paying attention to every little sign my body gives. Right now I just feel exhausted, drained and I have had a small nagging headache since I got home from work. From what I’ve read this is normal.  I am relieved to be done with the Follistim, my stomach aches were beginning to be obnoxious. Has anyone been able to notice when they ovulate? If so, what did it feel like? I can’t use any ovulation predictor kits because it would show up that I was ovulating every time due to the trigger shot. I don’t know why I need confirmation of ovulation when they say it’s going to happen, but I just need it. I would love some recommendations on how to handle the two week wait, I know I have some amazing blog friends who have had to go through this as well. My massage was cancelled last weekend so I will have it this weekend, but that’s just one hour in two weeks! What will I do with the other 335 hours?

I am so tired that I need to go to bed but I wanted to be sure to document this happiness. There may be some more difficult times ahead (dare I say it) and there are days where I want to crawl into my bed and sleep for days. But then there are days like this, days that brings excitement and joy…days that bring warmth and hope.

So today I am happy. Period.

Best wishes,


9 thoughts on “Fighter Follicle 20

  1. Great news!! So happy you have a BIG follicle waiting on you! You may or may not feel some ‘twinges’ in your mid-section during ovulation. If I remember right, that was about my only sign with the HCG shot. Make sure you get a couple ‘sessions’ in each day! Enjoy your massage. That is a great way to kick off the 2WW.

  2. Yay! I knew you would have some growth. That is awesome. I have no advice on the TWW as I have not been there yet but I imagine me telling you to try and relax won’t help 😉 I hate when people tell me I should just relax!!! So I will say I hope the next two weeks fly by.

  3. Thank you all for your support! I have been researching information on reflexology and acupuncture . Do any of you know about this or have you done it? I just don’t want to mess anything up by doing something I shouldn’t do.

  4. So, so, so excited for you! I hope you enjoy the next few days. 😉

    My only advice is to find anything you can to keep yourself busy. My 2WWs were never too awful because I was always working and busy in the evenings…with fun things, though. Try not to do too much that’s stressful. Focus on having fun these next 2 weeks. Hopefully, you’ll be having some pregnancy symptoms soon, so you may not be enjoying life as much. 😉

    I did reflexology. I can’t say if it helped or not. I plan to try acupuncture on round 3. I have several friends that swear by it. Ask Mary Kathryn if they suggest a practioner. I believe they do have someone they trust.

    So thrilled for you right now! Saying lots of prayers for fertilization of that sweet follie!!!

  5. That is such great news!! I’m so excited for you and Josh. I can usually notice ovulation with 3 things: slight twinge on one side, increased desire for sex, and increase in clear discharge. My advice for the 2WW is to not try to focus on every little thing going on with your body. It can become taxing when everything becomes a prepregnancy symptom.

    I’m hoping and praying that this is the last 2ww you will have to go through!

    • Thank you so much Amy! I am told that you can’t have symptoms 2-4 weeks in but I was given a shot of the pregnancy hormone. So it’s really hard to tell what’s real and what’s from the HcG shot.

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