February, the Month of Love

So finally, a new post. It feels like it’s been forever! Life has just been so busy and just…full lately. Full of hard work and love. February is the month of love, and I have been feeling so much love this month it is unreal. Our IVF donation fund is coming along beautifully, so far we have about $700 and I am just utterly blown away by everyone’s generosity. Never before have I felt so much like other people truly care about what Josh and I are going through. The fact that people would give us their hard-earned money so that we can have a child is truly humbling. We have even received a couple of donations from people we have never met. Those that say money doesn’t buy happiness have never had to go through infertility treatments. In this case, money truly can buy happiness. 🙂

I have questioned our decision to do IVF several times and I have flipped out over money more times than I can count. But I am at a place of peace and understanding. I feel at peace with God, as though He wants this to be our path. After all, He is providing mostly everything we need with everyone’s donations and knowledge of how to get money from other places. My supervisor informed me the other day that I am eligible to apply for a half-time student loan repayment program. This is a HUGE blessing and will save us $300 a month in student loan payments. That’s money that can go directly to paying off a fertility loan. On top of that, people are giving me loads of information on how we can save money in this process and how we can save money in the future if IVF doesn’t work. I feel confident in this decision, even if it doesn’t work we aren’t dead in the water. If we have extra eggs to freeze we can do another IVF cycle for a considerably cheaper cost, we can go overseas and have IVF done at a much cheaper cost at places like ivfvacation.com and we can always go back to fertility medications and timed intercourse and/or IUIs.

On another note, one of my great friends had her baby boy on the 13th and I went to go visit them in the hospital. I am so so so so happy for her. They had a lot of difficulty getting pregnant as well. They were told they had a 1% chance of conceiving naturally or something absolutely crazy like that and she found out she was pregnant a couple of days before beginning the IVF process. He is truly a miracle baby. I am also very jealous, of course but even more happy for her. Getting to talk to her throughout the pregnancy gave me the strength to make such a big decision. And going to see them in the hospital after the delivery made me much more committed to my decision in knowing this is what I am supposed to be doing right now. Babies are SUCH a blessing and any amount of money and hard work is worth it. I am so excited for them and I just keep thinking about all the firsts they are going to get with him. I know more than ever that this is want I want.

Here is a picture of me with Baby Miles!


Isn’t he just precious with his little blue hat? If my memory serves me right this is one of the first newborns I have ever held and he was just perfect. Thank you Miles for not crying and being so wonderful! Just being around a new family and seeing the amount of love that is there is so inspiring. Congratulations are in order, but all the congratulations in the world don’t do it justice.

Our Valentine’s Day was pretty low-key. We just went to a small dinner and got each other some cards and candy (since we are saving money). But it was one of my favorite Valentine’s Days I’ve ever had. We decided on our baby names and talked about the future. Josh and I have so much fun talking about the days when we will finally get to be parents. Then we visited my Mom and came home to snuggle with our furbabies. Pretty simple but wonderful at the same time.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day with the loves of your life,


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