I am so proud of Josh and I. If you know us personally you know that we don’t do ANYTHING without plenty of prior planning and thought. But we decided on Friday that we were going to get out of town for the night. We booked a nice cabin in the woods with a hot tub in Arkansas and left around 6pm Friday evening. If you have never done anything spontaneous like this before I highly suggest it. Here are some pics from our little mini-vacay:

Here is our cabin at Deer Hollow Ranch and Cabins in the Ozarks, the owners were very friendly and easy to work with. The hot tub felt incredible and they were very accommodating to our dogs and us. They only charged us $10 per dog extra for them to stay there. It always upsets me a little bit that hotel owners treat dogs like they are lepers. I mean, I am pretty positive my dogs are cleaner than 80% of the humans in the population.

cabin2 cabin

The cabin didn’t offer more than 2 channels and a DVD player so my husband decided he was going to make his own movie theater. He used the 3G service on his iPad as a WiFi hotspot for his laptop so he could stream Netflix to his projector. And that in the back folks is a collapsible white projector screen. He is so smart and I am very glad we were able to watch movies but seriously this is the highest level of nerddom I have seen from him yet. 😉


Here is the view from out front porch. It was beautiful.


We grilled burgers, hot-tubbed and watched a movie Friday night and slept in until 9:30 Saturday morning. We then drove a very scenic mountain route to Devil’s Den State Park. I had been wanting to come to Devil’s Den for quite some time because I heard it had incredible rock formations and caves along its hiking trails. It really delivered. We had a picnic by a waterfall and river and then went hiking. The weather was 70 degrees and sunny and everything was absolutely perfect. How often do you have days where the weather is perfect, you are with your favorite beings and you are doing what you love? Afterwards we drove home through Fayetteville, neither one of us had ever been there and we wanted to see the University of Arkansas. It was a pretty cool town and made me miss my college days a little bit :-/


devilsden mommydogscliffcavesizziecliffriver

With all of our doctor appointments and with Josh still trying to get his business off the ground we don’t have much time that we can take off for fun. We decided this weekend we are going to take more mini-vacations to discover Oklahoma and surrounding states. Don’t we all need a little more time to get away from life’s distractions and just enjoy those we love?

Here’s a picture of our dogs on the way home. If that’s not complete exhaustion I don’t know what is.


Best wishes,




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