I Am a Mother

I was originally given the idea for this post from my blog friend at Infertility, Why Me? She wrote a wonderful post about a vlog called “Portrait of a Mother” by Missy Lanning. Both of them really inspired me and I feel it is very important to share this with anyone else who may dread Mother’s Day. We “infertiles” may be disquieted by this day since we tend to go unappreciated and unnoticed when all we want is recognition for our efforts. Their message is that whether or not you have been trying to conceive one day or 10 years, that once you decide to put another life above yours then you are a Mother.


I have put my health, wealth, love, friendships and my career on the line just for the possibility of being a parent. I may not have a child to physically hold or care for but I use a Mother’s love daily to keep me on this journey. So I have had forebodings about this day for years when I could have been celebrating. I am a Mother. And chances are if you are reading this blog then you are a Mother also. Please check out Missy Lanning’s Mother’s Day Special below. This is for all the Mothers out there: for those who are currently pregnant, for those who wish and pray daily for a baby, for those Mothers who have had to experience the misery and trauma of losing a child and for those who became Mothers through untraditional means such as adoption, fostering or fertility treatments.

So promise me, my fellow infertiles, that you will find a way to celebrate YOU tomorrow. Happy Mother’s Day!


5 thoughts on “I Am a Mother

  1. Very well written post! I loved Missy’s 2014 Mother’s Day video, but the 2013 one is definitely my favorite. Missy is so talented! Thinking of you tomorrow!”

    • Thank you! I loved both videos too! I like them both for different reasons. The 2014 one inspired me the most, the first one just made me bawl like a baby.

  2. Reblogged this on C.R. Truelove and commented:
    Mother’s Day weekend could very well be the most emotional weekend for millions of women. For whatever reason, some may have needed to make an adoption plan for their child, while others have tried everything imaginable to become a mother and others are grieving children lost through death or miscarriage. May we remember to celebrate all the different type of mothers and their labors of love this special weekend.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

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