Money DOES Buy Happiness!?!?


I have really been slacking on blogging lately. I haven’t felt very inspired lately so please forgive me. I owe you all an update since the last you probably heard we were supposed to be starting our IVF cycle in June. Well that all changed and I think it took me until about….today…. to accept it.

Let me have a real quick pity party:

When our last cycle failed I was told we could do one of two things: 1. Go home and keep trying because we could end up ovulating one of the follicles and getting pregnant (they wouldn’t give me the HcG shot because then I would ovulate most of the dominant follicles and be at risk of sextuplets) or, 2. Go home and start birth control in preparation for an IVF cycle in June. If we chose to keep trying to conceive we would have to wait until August to do IVF (since the IVF clinic doesn’t do cycles in July). So since we were given a 10% or less chance of conceiving that cycle we decided to just move forward with IVF, which was what was recommended by Dr. B. So I began birth control pills and gave up everything for that cycle. This was all fine and dandy UNTIL Josh told me he wanted a chance to improve his morphology so we wouldn’t have to do the ICSI procedure for IVF.  This was very hard for me because Mary Kathryn told us it would take at least 3 months for anything to change significantly. So I had to put aside my selfish nature and let Josh have a chance to take care of things. After all, he’s done everything for me and been supportive of everything I have wanted in the past. But it was very hard to think that I had essentially got rid of the follicles by taking birth control pills and I could’ve given them a chance since we had to wait until August ANYWAY. I was mad. SO mad. End rant.

So here we are. But honestly thank God for pushing this thing back to August. I wouldn’t have been ready and June is the craziest month in our family. “The Gauntlet” starts May 22nd on our wedding anniversary, my brother-in-law’s birthday is May 31st, my birthday and my husband’s business partner’s birthdays are both June 10th, my Mom’s birthday is June 15th (which was also Father’s Day this year) and my mother-in-law’s birthday is June 17th. Not to mention we had a wedding shower and a gender reveal party to go to. This is also why I have been MIA in the month of June. I feel like I finally have a chance to breathe. We have an appointment with Dr. Bundren on July 1st and we will probably find out more then about our IVF timeline and costs, etc. I will update you all as soon as I know. Needless to say I am starting to get pumped up and excited! Josh and I have been focusing on health and wealth (or lack thereof). Josh has began taking something called Proxeed to improve his sperm morphology, which came highly recommended from my fertility support group and fertility forums. (I will tell you more about my fertility support group later) And we have been trying to save more for IVF and come up with a household budget. We are thinking that IVF will cost about $15,000. We have about $3,000 saved, about $900 donated and $2,500 in flex benefits we can spend on it. We paid off our credit card so we can put some money on there as well but we are still looking for any donations we can get. Any amount helps and in this case, money DOES buy happiness (most of the happiness anyway). If you would like to donate you can click on the little piggie bank on the top right part of our page. Thanks in advance.

Best wishes,



3 thoughts on “Money DOES Buy Happiness!?!?

    • Thank you. Somehow the money just keeps being provided to us. 🙂 I guess we are just blessed in that way. But it’s hard not to think about what we could spend that money on if we didn’t have to pay just to get a kiddo.

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