IVF Timeline


So I am way too lazy to type out the IVF timeline so I just took a picture of the one I received at my appointment Tuesday. We had our mock transfer where they measured my cervix length and the size of my uterus. They do this so that there are no surprises the actual day of the transfer. On the day of they only have one shot to get those little embabies in the right spot.  I got terrified when I saw the catheters, the speculum and a pad lying on the stirrup table (as if to soak up blood and guts), that had never ever ever been there before, except for when I had my biopsy. I immediately wanted to sprint out of that office and never look back.  I was a complete weenie about it all and burst into tears when I laid down on the table. I couldn’t stop myself from shaking the whole time. Dr. Bundren and Mary Kathryn did an excellent job at talking me through it step by step and were very understanding. Josh told me I was making it to be worse in my mind than it would actually be, and he was right like always. I felt only a little prick when the catheter went through my cervix and I could also feel it touch the top of my uterus, I felt a tickle that was only slightly uncomfortable. The cramps afterwards hurt more than the procedure itself and I could handle the cramps without any pain reliever just fine. So here is our IVF timeline! I’m incredibly anxious and excited and anxious and happy and anxious and positive! The fun begins August 6th!


So now I am on BCPs, we are both on antibiotics and now we just wait. I am just working really hard on getting into the best shape as possible before IVF and working on house projects. Just about every wall and piece of trim needs a new coat of paint and I am the painter in this household. It’s time to get busy so I won’t have to do this while pregnant. I am staying positive, patient (sort of) and trying to live in the moment instead of wishing these upcoming weeks away. Wish us luck and send us some prayers please.

Best wishes,


4 thoughts on “IVF Timeline

    • Well my doc tends to do things pretty slow and the clinic doesn’t do any IVF cycles in the month of July. So don’t let it discourage you!

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