I Need a Miracle


Merriam-Webster defines a miracle as an unusual or wonderful event that is believed to be caused by the power of God : a very amazing or unusual event, thing, or achievement.

We hear stories about miracles occurring often. There is the story of the incorruptible bodies of Saints where there bodies would be exhumed hundreds of years after their deaths and their bodies would remain untouched and undecomposed.  They are not like mummies because their skin is still soft to the touch and their limbs are still movable (creepy). In most of the circumstances, nothing at all has been done to preserve the bodies of these saints.  It is also said that some of them also give off a sweet, unearthly odor, and others produce blood or oils that defy any scientific explanation. I also heard (and had trouble fact checking because this is unbelievable) that the body of Saint Rita of Cascia is still present in the Basilica of Santa Rita where her body moves and her eyes sometimes open.

There is also the story of Kelvin Santos, a 2-year-old Brazilian boy who died during treatment of pneumonia on a Friday in 2012. The family had a wake for him on Saturday and his body was laying in an open coffin. During the wake, Kelvin sat up and asked his Dad for a glass of water. The family reported he looked as though he rose from the dead, they all screamed and believed they were witnessing a miracle when he laid back down and became lifeless again. Doctors examined him and had no explanation for the phenomenon.


Most recently, an acquaintance of mine from high school’s 3-year-old son Shepard slipped away from his grandparents ever so briefly and in seconds managed to fall into the family pool and nearly drown. His grandfather performed CPR on him to try and give him oxygen. He was under sedation in the hospital for 9 days, his chances for survival slim, and one day he just woke up, seemingly like no damage had ever been done. Here is a video of Shepard’s story.

3-Year-Old Oklahoma Boy Recovers After Nearly Drowning.

I believe in miracles. I pray for miracles everyday. When I got the phone call that forever changed my life stating my sister had been in a car accident, I believed. When I got the phone call that my cousin had been found unconscious after a long battle with addiction, I believed. When I was told my other cousin had cancer I believed she would be healed. But now I have two family members who passed way before their time and a heart that can never be repaired. And another cousin who waits on her miracle and fights every single day to live.


I believe I have received many small miracles in my lifetime and I am thankful to God for each one of them. I’m still waiting for God to step in on our infertility. But I am starting to believe that God has forgotten me. Am I not good enough to receive miracles? Do I waver in my faith too much? Do I not do enough good in this world to have a prayer answered? I still remain faithful and I have been given every sign that IVF is our path. The money just keeps being provided and my much needed courage remains unwavering. But God ultimately decides whether or not we get our miracle. I just have to keep hoping and praying for my chance to be pregnant. Pray for my chance to complain about nausea, insomnia and food cravings. And pray for our turn to have baby showers, to experience the birth of our child(ren), to have sleepless nights, to hear the cries of our newborn(s) and to be parents. I need a miracle.

Best wishes,





5 thoughts on “I Need a Miracle

  1. I believe in miracles too Kacy. I also believe no one is more deserving of a miracle than you. I am praying for you and Josh that your miracle will come soon.

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