Baseline Ultrasound


So I’m just giving a little update here. I currently can’t look at a computer screen for too long. It makes my head hurt. I also can’t be in certain lighting, smell strong odors, have my contacts in, wear my glasses, hear loud noises or turn my head in any 45 degree angle. Basically I need to sit in silence in the dark while lying down to feel just “ok” sometimes. Luckily I’m mostly experiencing this issue in the evenings. I almost forgot how much I hate the Lupron headaches. It’s like no other headache ever, it takes me back to elementary school when I would hang upside down off the monkey bars and let the blood rush to my head. Except it feels like I am hanging there for hours and hours on end. Also, I have been working really hard on losing weight, eating fantastically and working out consistently and I gained even more weight! I don’t weigh myself at home so I was shocked to see that I was 5 pounds heavier than last time. I just don’t get it. I told Josh that maybe my body knows it’s preparing for this and needs the extra fat. I don’t feel any fatter and my clothes fit the same as before.

On a lighter note, my baseline ultrasound was this morning and we are all good to go! My ovaries looked “quiet” and my lining was at a 3.6 (so it’s nice and thin). I start Follistim Sunday morning at 8am along with Menopur. I’m nervous about the timing of all the shots. They have to be 12 hours apart so I have to have them at 8am and 8pm everyday and Josh gives them so I have to make sure he’s always home and awake to do them. But we had 800IUs of Follistim so she only had to order 300IUs more to get me through to the 21st. We go back in then to see how my ovaries are responding and if I need more shots. It’s all happening so quickly, we haven’t even decided how we are going to pay yet. The money stresses me out but that has been all that’s truly stressful lately. I feel good about the cycle and I know that this will be a positive experience. Okay I have to close my eyes now. Hopefully the Lupron headaches will subside soon!

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5 thoughts on “Baseline Ultrasound

    • Thank you! It really does make things stressful. Luckily we found a decent loan program where we could get a fertility loan. And it gives an extra frozen embryo transfer for free.

    • No problem! You’ve been vacationing and relaxing! 😎 I can’t believe I didn’t even tell you they were gone. They actually still come and go but I’m doing better at managing them now with a bit of caffeine, good and Tylenol. And I found out I can’t lie down when I have them either.

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