I went to the doctor today for a check up, to turn in my paperwork for the hospital and to learn how to do HcG and Progesterone shots. EEEK! (These needles are huge, y’all) I have about a dozen follicles on each ovary, my ovaries are HUGE and now they are so big they are touching each other. My endometrial lining was a 12!!!! Yay!!


  • Lupron 0.1mg at 8pm (last day is 8/25)
  • Metformin 500mg once daily at dinner
  • HcG shot, 5,000 IUs at midnight (8/25)
  • Azithromycin daily for 5 days
  • Can I get a Woot woot for no more Menopur?!?!?!?

Vitamins: Fish oil (twice a day), B6 (twice a day), Calcium Citrate (twice a day), Vitamin D (prescription), Provella and a Prenatal vitamin

Current symptoms: A little bit of a full feeling after I eat or drink. Constant trips to the bathroom. I have been a little depressed lately. Dr. Bundren keeps insisting that I smile.

Mental state: Fear over my HcG shot, going under anesthesia, pain from progesterone shots and overall fear of pain and anything/everything bad that can occur. When I left the doctor’s office I really questioned all of my decisions ever made up until this point. I’m even questioning whether or not I really want to have kids. What the heck is this about? Has anyone ever experienced this? I did spend all day trying work whilst getting our financing in order via telephone so it is to be expected that I would be stressed.

Retrieval is scheduled for Wednesday at 11am. Goodness. Pray for me.

Best wishes,


10 thoughts on “EEEK!

      • Aww man!! I’ve had lots of IM shots over the past several months and I’ve never had that happen. Oh well, I guess it happens! Good luck with ER!!

  1. yay! Praying for you sugars! Make sure you steer clear from water and drink lots and lots of gatorade and v8 juice so that you can hopefully avoid any OHSS symptoms 🙂 xo

    • Thanks so much! Yeah I have read mixed things on water. Some say it helps and some say it hurts. I just drink it when I need it because it’s the only thing that can quench a real big thirst. And it has been 100+ degree temps for a week or so now in my neck of the woods.

      • Totally understand. I had gotten OHSS and no one told me that Gatorade and V8 is what helps flush out the extra fluid. I was drinking water thinking that was helping and it made it worse…almost hospitalization worse. But once I switched to mostly gatorade, I felt sooo much better. I hate gatorade too :/ It was hard to swallow it.

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