Egg Retrieval

Below is the best picture description of what they do to retrieve the oocytes (eggs) from your body.


I had egg retrieval this morning in Oklahoma City at the Bennett Fertility Institute at Integris Baptist Hospital. I was pretty scared all night last night and had to take a Melatonin to sleep. I mostly felt nervous about not being able to drink past midnight last night. I hate feeling thirsty and I have been drinking non-stop lately to prevent OHSS. I was also nervous about getting my IV. When I had my laparoscopy the nurse tried twice and failed to get the IV in due to my stupid, tiny rolling veins before calling in reinforcements (aka “Nurse Awesome”) to get it in. By that time I was already bruised up and slightly traumatized. So you can understand a bit why I was nervous. It didn’t happen today, yay! One of three things can attribute to this: 1.  the nurse was a full-time phlebotomist (and was awesome at her job), 2. me telling her ahead of time that I have stubborn veins helped or 3. the fact that I wasn’t incredibly dehydrated due to a bowel cleanse this time made my veins nice and plump. But I did have a gushing vein, she warned me once she got it in that it may be messy and it looked quite a bit like a blood geyser, spraying blood all over my blankets, arms and hands. But a gushing vein=a good vein so bring on the spatter!

Josh was whisked away as soon as we arrived so he could give his….ahem, sample of soldiers. While he was gone he missed the horror show and my RE and anesthesiologist coming in to talk to me. They were both very reassuring and eased a lot of anxiety that I had. I was just ready to get back and take a nap so I could drink, eat and move on from all of this. I went to the operating room and was greeted by what seemed like a dozen people. They asked my name and birthday and I was given my Propofol/Versed cocktail and the rest is history. After what felt like a couple of seconds I am awake in recovery with Josh looking at me. My first question I asked was “How many eggs did we get?” and he said 18!! Yahoo! I am happy about this now but I wasn’t at the time. I knew the girl next door got 18 and so in my anesthesia-filled fugue I felt like I had to beat her I guess? Since IVF is now a competition? I know it’s ridiculous.

I was in recovery for a couple of hours and was taken by a wheelchair to the car. It all felt a little overkill at the time because I felt awesome. I was ready to go have a burger and come home and walk the dogs. We went to this nice little burger joint called Irma’s in OKC. It was delicious but as soon as I was done eating I felt it. It felt like I was carrying a bowling ball in my stomach. I felt really heavy all the sudden and I had a lot of cramps the whole way home. By the time we got home I was walking like a hunchback and all I could do was lie down and roll around. I still feel so uncomfortable. My ovaries are obviously pissed about being needled to death today. No one told me it would hurt like this and I wasn’t prescribed any pain meds. Josh says I’m just a weenie when it comes to pain. I am hoping and praying this is all normal and not signs of impending OHSS doom. It’s hard to sleep since I am so uncomfortable so I am just watching TV, dosing in and out of sleep, snuggling with my pups and hubs and drinking gallons of Gatorade. I texted my nurse as soon as we got into town and told her I was feeling a lot of pain and got NO response. I did fine emotionally until we did our first progesterone shot, it was fairly easy but there are a lot of steps to take to help it. So as I was lying on my side in bed with a heating pad on my stomach whilst massaging the oil into my buttocks, I thought “I didn’t know it would be THIS hard” and I just wanted to cry. I started feeling sorry for myself which I cannot do. I was hurting badly and Tylenol didn’t help with pain so I took one of my pain pills (which is a high dosage of acetaminophen) I had leftover from my laparoscopy. I am feeling a little bit better but I still feel like I need a walker or cane to walk around the house. I don’t know how I am supposed to work tomorrow. Here’s to hoping I recover quickly overnight. I should hear about how many eggs fertilized and how they are doing tomorrow afternoon sometime. I will update as soon as I can.

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