October Photo a Day Challenge Days 1-15

I decided to participate in a photo challenge hosted by another blogger. I thought having a goal would be nice for the grieving process and taking pictures can be a lot of fun for me. Creativity is also very healing.  I was told that the prompt words can be taken as literally or abstractly as was desired. Here is the guide for the photo challenge:


Day One: Peace. Some days I wish I could get as much peace as Izzie does 20 hours out of every day.


Day Two: Wonder. Oklahoma has some of the greatest sunsets in the world. Which reminds me of Jason Aldean’s song “Fly Over States”:

“On the plains of Oklahoma
With a windshield sunset in your eyes
Like a watercolor painted sky
You’d think heavens doors have opened
You’ll understand why God made
Those fly over states”


Day Three: Noise. I found one of the last remaining jukeboxes in the world (which is still not even a jukebox) at our friend Rod’s birthday party. It was also one of the first nights in a while that Josh and I got out and had a great time together since our miscarriage.


Day Four: Fire


Day Five: Standing. I was still standing after an hour long P90X workout.


Day 6: Water. A nice long hot bath after a long day was the answer for Day 6. And it was helpful to the aforementioned P90X pain.


Day 7: Stone


Day 8: Bright. I felt like an overachiever on Day 8.


Day 9: Orange. When I think of orange I think of Halloween.


Day 10: Busy. This is what busy looks like at work. Yes this is my family and yes I am a terrible artist. I have drawn my family at work a couple of times but this time I drew my family with pride. I didn’t think of my family minus a child, I thought of how great it was that I have this family with its current members.


Day 11: Love. Speaking of family…


Day 12: Reflection. Lately I have been reflecting on the day with a cup of Raspberry Leaf Tea. I hear it’s good for PCOS and hormonal issues.


Day 13: Hands


Day 14: Writing. One of my friends in my Infertile Myrtles support group advised me to post this verse on my mirror after I had the miscarriage. It was no coincidence that this very verse used to be taped to my bathroom mirror at my old house, the previous owner of the house had put it there and I loved it so much that I never took it down. I’m so happy that this photo challenge has finally got me to put this back on the mirror!


Day 15: Laughter. This was another good memory from a few weeks ago that I will always hold dear. Josh and I went to the State Fair and had our first caricature done (note that I said “first”) and I laughed for the first time since our loss.


I will post the rest soon. Please join me in the rest of the challenge!

3 thoughts on “October Photo a Day Challenge Days 1-15

  1. I just love this post! So many things about it make me happy. Two of my favorites are how buff Josh’s arms look compared to his body in the picture you drew of your family. I love that picture. The second is that charicature. I don’t think that looks anything like either of you, but it is really funny. I’m glad to know that you’re finding ways to relax and laugh.

  2. I love your caricature and that it gave you a good laugh when you needed it most. I’m glad you are trying the Raspberry Leaf Tea! It has an enjoyable flavor and a bonus for helping with the PCOS/Hormonal issues! What a fun challenge to keep your mind in a better place throughout the day. Take Care!!

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