October Photo a Day Challenge Days 16-31

I know, I know it’s November 6th and I am just now posting for this. Sorry but I have been on a sabbatical from blogging and my routine. I don’t even know if that’s in the right context, but my brain is just now starting to work again. We were on vacation the last week of October and this has been my first few days back at work.

Day 16: Furry. This is what my girls look like when I tell them we get to go for a walk.


Day 17: Joy. Josh went with me for a walk at Haikey Creek. There’s nothing more joyful than being outdoors on a pretty day with my family.


Day 18: Worship. This cross was a gift from Camp Loughridge when Josh and I got married there. It’s always hung on the wall in our living room.


Day 19: Strength. This was probably the hardest one. I chose the clock because when I feel like I have no strength I just follow the time. I go through the motions. Put my pants on one leg at a time, put one foot in front of the other (as one of my friends told me), take the day hour by hour or minute by minute depending on how rough it is.


Day 20: Eating. My last minute creation of Linguine Spaghetti with whole wheat noodles. Yum!


Day 21: Feet


Day 22: Earth. Josh is probably so happy that I’m showing off the yard he’s worked so hard on over the years.


Day 23: Quiet. We moved out to where we are now for some peace and quiet. And our back porch definitely delivers.


Day 24: Frost. It hadn’t got cold enough in Oklahoma for frost yet so I took a picture of dew. It’s hard to see but it is what becomes frost in the winter!


Day 25: Leap. I was jumping for joy because we had arrived for our vacation in Branson.


Day 26: Red


Day 27: Literary. My friend Elisha from Waiting for Baby Bird whom I’ve never met in person sent me this book called “Pregnant with Hope” after our loss. I just loved receiving this gift via snail mail along with a bookmark that says “Nothing is impossible with God.” (Luke 1:37) and a kind note inside. I love all of the people I have been blessed to meet while on this journey!


Day 28: Air. The first morning of my vacation I went to walk my dogs and saw this. It was so peaceful.


Day 29: Warmth. Just sitting by the fireplace in our cabin in Branson.


Day 30: Hope. A woman named Crystal started a jewelry line on Etsy called Fertile Gems and she had a giveaway of one of her infant loss memorial necklaces on Facebook. You had to like the page and state how you like to acknowledge and remember your child. And she picked me! I received it in the mail and I love it! More on this later because Fertile Gems would like to do another giveaway on my blog! Yippee!



Day 31: Halloween


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