December Photo Challenge Completed!


I must admit it was pretty difficult to complete this challenge. December is insanely busy. In retrospect I should’ve chosen a more boring month, like January or February. But it’s neither here nor there. Here are my pictures for the month!

Day 1: Me!


Day 2: Peace. I am just obsessed with my Christmas tree and ornaments!


Day 3: Heal. I chose this one because I was lifting weights while lying down and this silly goose came and stood on my stomach. I was cracking up and just completely happy.


Day 4: Tree


Day 5: Party. I chose party for the day because I knew my work Christmas party was today. Josh and I had a great time!


Day 6: Family. I just love them.


Day 7: Season. Tis the season to decorate the mantle! Seriously, it looks so naked now that the decorations are gone.


Day 8: Favorite. I love when winter comes because then little gem gets to come out! It has to be my favorite smell.


Day 9: Festive. This is my neighbor’s house and he does a great job decorating it every year. The lights change colors, sometimes they are green, sometimes red, sometimes multi-colored and some days each light changes colors, like on this day.


Day 10: Gratitude. I am so thankful for this handsome, loving man. This picture is from the Christmas party, so I cheated a little.


Day 11: Sweater. Look at my little shoogie in her sweater.


Day 12: Heart. I know that Izzie gets on here two days in a row but it just so happened that her birthday is December 12th.


Day 13: Give. I love buying presents and I love wrapping them to be incredibly pretty!


Day 14: Merry. I get so excited to work around Christmas and other holidays because of art projects. I love going to Michael’s and getting crafts for half off!


Day 15: Sparkle. Just some more Christmas decor.


Day 16: Lights. Here is the outside of our house. Josh can put lights on a bush like no other.


Day 17: Calm. I worked with these 3 wonderful ladies for my first full-time job out of college. It has been 5 years since I have worked with them but we try to meet up quarterly for dinner. And we can talk for hours and hours. They are some great, supportive friends and I will cherish them forever. They all have the heart of a social worker and for that we are soul mates. 🙂


Day 18: Home. We didn’t buy it brand new and we didn’t build it with our own hands but we built it with our dreams and hard work.


Day 19: Night. I love walking the dogs at night this time of year. It doesn’t matter how many Christmas lights I look at, it will never be enough.


Day 20: Silver. Okay so it’s white gold but it looks silver. I still get butterflies every time I look at my ring. Josh picked it out with the help of my cousin!


Day 21: Decorate


Day 22: Tradition. I have to watch this movie every year for Christmas. I usually watch it while I’m wrapping presents. “I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes.”


Day 23: Patience. I have to take Provera for 10 days and wait for my cycle to start to meet with the doc. Infertility is always about waiting.


Day 24: Jolly. Here’s my cousin, my Aunt, my Mom and I on Christmas Eve.


Day 25: Christmas or Holiday. I can’t believe I didn’t take one picture of family on Christmas day.


Day 26: Cozy. I feel the most cozy cuddling with my girls or Josh on our sectional in the living room.


Day 27: Boots.


Day 28: Winter Wonderland. Lucky for me it snowed the day before.

Winter Wonderland

Day 29: Celebrate. The snowman is definitely celebrating something.


Day 30: Resolution. My resolution for 2015 is to dance more and give more time to hobbies.


Day 31: New Year’s Eve. I did pretty good and then I forgot all about the New Year’s Eve picture! So here’s one from the internet.

2014, you were a pretty difficult year, our most difficult yet. You were a huge hurdle our life. There were still many positive things about you but I am very glad we are moving forward.

goodbye-2014-welcome-2015-568x426Have a Happy New Year, all!


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